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NIDRR's mission is to generate and disseminate research findings and promote knowledge that will improve the ability of individuals with disabilities to perform activities in the community, and increase their full participation in society. NIDRR conducts comprehensive and coordinated participation in programs of research and related activities to maximize the full inclusion, social integration, employment and independent living of individuals al all ages with disabilities. NIDRR's focus includes research in areas such as employment; health and function; technology for access and function; independent living and community integration and other associated disability research areas.

Print Resources

Information on 300 NIDRR funded projects and other Federally-funded research as well as commercial publications, including books, journal articles, autovisuals, etc., about rehabilitation and disability research are available at www.naric.com. News from NIDRR, NIDRR long-range plan, research topics and NIDRR Programs are also available at www.ncddr.org.

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Monday, Oct 05, 2015