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New York University Child Study Center 577 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
212-263-6622 (Voice)


AboutOurKids.org is the web site of the NYU Child Study Center. The center is dedicated to increasing the awareness of child mental health issues and improving the treatment of child psychiatric illnesses through scientific practice, research, and education. The center seeks to bridge the gap between science and practice by integrating the finest research with patient care. AboutOurKids.org provides scientifically-based child mental health and parenting information for parents, pediatricians, educators, mental health professionals, and anyone who cares about kids. Drawing on the perspectives of the nation's experts and the resources of the Child Study Center, the site provides a continually expanding store of practical and accessible articles based on the latest research in child psychiatry, psychology, and development. AboutOurKids.org is a reliable resource for both common challenges, such as toilet training, and more serious problems such as depression and developmental disorders.

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Monday, Dec 15, 2008