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315 Madison Avenue, Ste. 901
New York, NY 10017
1-888-917-3777 (Voice - Toll-free)


The American Fertility Association (The AFA), a 501 (c) (3) national non-profit organization is a lifetime resource for infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building. AFA services and materials are provided free of charge to consumers and available to everyone without reservation. These services include leading-edge educational outreach events, an extensive online library with HD videos, a daily blog, a resource directory available for download on mobile devices, telephone and in-person coaching, and a toll-free support line.

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Fact Sheets, Video Fact Sheets, Webinars, Learning Modules and Blogs on specific topics relating to family building are available at http://www.theafa.org/library/

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Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011