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Learning Disabilities

Being Tested for LD (Learning Disability) in Adulthood

This fact sheet outlines three key steps to finding out if you have a learning disability. The evaluation should provide direction for employment, education and daily living, and should make specific recommendations for learning strategies that may be the most helpful to you.

Review Date: July 14, 2014

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

This overview describes specific kinds of learning problems that typically cause children to have trouble using certain academic skills. Tips for parents and teachers are provided.

Review Date: June 25, 2012

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

One in Seven: Learning about Learning Disabilities

This site provides information on understanding learning disabilities, negotiating the special education process and helping your child and yourself.

Review Date: October 31, 2014

Learning Disabilities Association of America

What are Learning Disabilities?

A learning disability (LD) is a neurological disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive, process, store and respond to information. This fact sheet provides an introduction to LDs in general and how they affect people at different ages.

Review Date: October 30, 2014

National Center for Learning Disabilities

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