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AIDS Treatment Data Network

A national, not-for-profit, community-based organization, The Network provides treatment education and counseling services for men, women and children with AIDS and HIV that are supported by extensive, comprehensive and up-to-date informational databases about AIDS treatments, research studies, services, and accessing care. Information from these databases is available to the general public via The Network's Internet web site, some in Spanish, and a nationwide toll-free number -- (800) 734-7104.

Review Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2015

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is the world's largest medical association of musculoskeletal specialists, concerned with the diagnosis, care, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The AAOS provides continuing education and practice management services for orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals. The Academy tracks socioeconomic and legislative measures affecting the quality, availability, and utilization of orthopaedic health care; and represents the interests of its members and their patients to government agencies. Services to the general public include public education programs addressing issues ranging from the effectiveness of safety belts to the prevention of lower back pain.

Review Date: Thursday, November 03, 2011

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American Association of Endodontists

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is the organization of endodontic specialists and other dental professionals worldwide with an interest in endodontics. The Association was founded in 1943 to promote the interchange of ideas, to stimulate research, and to encourage the highest standard of quality care in the practice of endodontics (performing root canals). Endodontics was recognized by the American dental Association as a dental specialty in 1963. Endodontists' advanced surgical and non-surgical skills make them uniquely qualified to treat routine as well as complex root canal cases. The care they provide is supported by intensive education on how to perform the very best endodontics. After completing dental school, endodontists complete a two- or three-year advanced dental school program that focuses only on endodontic science and procedures. The Association provides continuing education courses for practicing endodontists, so they can continue to be knowledgeable about state-of-the-art research, clinical procedures, and technology. Through this advanced knowledge, they can reward patients with the very best of endodontic care. The association sponsors the AAE Foundation, a charitable organization promoting the advancement of the science of endodontics through education and funding of quality research in the field of endodontics and pulp biology. The Association also sponsors the American Board of Endodontics, the national board responsible for certifying members as Diplomates through rigorous oral and written exams.

Review Date: Friday, January 30, 2009

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American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS) was originally established as the American Society for the Control of Cancer in 1913, and became the ACS in 1945. ACS is the voluntary organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. It conducts and supports programs of research, education, and service to the cancer patient. The Society's immediate goal of saving more lives is served through educating the public about prevention and early detection of cancer, the importance of prompt treatment, and the possibilities of cure, through educating the medical profession to the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and through direct service to the cancer patient and the patient's family. Public education activities include a toll-free cancer information services publication of a variety of pamphlets, educational programs conducted in schools and communities, and presentation of materials in the mass media. The Society has a comprehensive professional education program designed to motivate physicians, dentists, and nurses to use the best cancer management techniques. The Society conducts service and rehabilitation programs for cancer patients and their families. ACS supports cancer research through several types of research grants and disseminates the research results. ACS has 17 divisions as well as over 3400 local units.

Review Date: Thursday, June 25, 2009

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American Hemochromatosis Society, Inc.

This is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing the latest information on genetic testing for hereditary hemochromatosis, pediatric hereditary hemochromatosis, and research relating to hereditary hemochromatosis/iron overload.

Review Date: Monday, January 05, 2009

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American Hospital Association

The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the national organization that represents and serves all types of hospitals, health care networks, and their patients and communities. Close to 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, other providers of care and 37,000 individual members come together to form the AHA. Through our representation and advocacy activities, AHA ensures that members' perspectives and needs are heard and addressed in national health policy development, legislative and regulatory debates, and judicial matters. Our advocacy efforts include the legislative and executive branches and include the legislative and regulatory arenas. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends.

Review Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010

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American Lung Association

The American Lung Association (ALA), formerly the National Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association, was founded in 1904 to combat tuberculosis. Since 1907, ALA has promoted Christmas Seals to raise public funds to fight lung disease, the third leading cause of death in America. ALA is primarily a health education agency, emphasizing anti-smoking and clean air activities to prevent and control lung hazards. Its self-management programs teach those suffering from lung disease, such as asthma, how to live with their condition. ALA also creates educational programs to teach lifelong good health habits, and it provides professional education to health care providers to help them deliver effective lung health care to their patients. ALA also awards grants for medical research and sponsors fellowships for young medical professionals to encourage them to specialize in pulmonary care. There are 110 State and local Lung Associations throughout the country. The American Thoracic Society is the medical arm of ALA.

Review Date: Thursday, July 09, 2015

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American Osteopathic Association

Representing more than 78,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) around the world, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) serves as the professional family for all DOs and osteopathic medical students. In addition to serving as the primary certifying body for DOs, the AOA is the accrediting agency for all osteopathic medical schools and has federal authority to accredit hospitals and other health care facilities.

Review Date: Thursday, July 09, 2015

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American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Since its founding in 1941, the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) has been dedicated to advancing patient care and digestive health by promoting excellence and innovation in gastrointestinal endoscopy. ASGE, with nearly 12,000 members worldwide, promotes the highest standards for endoscopic training and practice, fosters endoscopic research, recognizes distinguished contributions to endoscopy, and provides resource for endoscopic education. Visit the ASGE Web site at www.asge.org to access patient education materials on endoscopic procedures or to find an ASGE Endoscopist in your area.

Review Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Cleft Palate Foundation

The Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to optimizing the quality of life for individuals affected by facial birth defects. It is the public service arm of the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association. Callers can request information about cleft palate/craniofacial treatment teams and parent-patient support groups in their local region. In addition, the CPF provides the following services: comprehensive information to educate patients, families, and professionals; telephone and online counseling and support service through the Cleftline 1-800-24-CLEFT (1-800-242-5338); research to learn about prevention and care; Cleftline Teddy Bears with repaired cleft lips; advocacy for family-centered team care; and, awards for a minimum of three $500 college scholarships each year to young adults affected by cleft and craniofacial birth defects.

Review Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding the cure for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Four decades ago, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation created the field of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis research. Today, the Foundation funds cutting-edge studies at major medical institutions, nurtures investigators at the early stages of their careers, and finances underdeveloped areas of research. Educational workshops and symposia, with the foundation’s scientific journal, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, enable medical professionals to keep pace with this rapidly growing field. The Foundation's information resource center can help and answer questions in many languages.

Review Date: Thursday, January 05, 2012

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was established in 1955 to find new treatments for cystic fibrosis and ultimately the cure. The Foundation also strives to lengthen and improve the quality of life for cystic fibrosis patients, and to reduce the impact of the disease on the patient, the family, and society. The Foundation sets top priority on basic research and research training in cystic fibrosis and supports such research through grants, research scholar awards, new investigator research grants, research fellowships, and student traineeships. The Foundation also supports a network of 115 Cystic Fibrosis Care Centers, which provide the latest in specialized diagnosis and high quality care for these patients. The Foundation also serves as an advocacy organization for persons with the disease. DATABASE: The Foundation maintains a computerized registry of cystic fibrosis patient information for use by researchers and other scientists studying the disease.

Review Date: Thursday, September 09, 2010

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Health On the Net Foundation

The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) promotes and guides the deployment of useful and reliable online health information, and its appropriate and efficient use. Created in 1995, HON is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, accredited to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. For 15 years, HON has focused on the essential question of the provision of health information to citizens, information that respects ethical standards. To cope with the unprecedented volume of healthcare information available on the Net, the HONcode of conduct offers a multi-stakeholder consensus on standards to protect citizens from misleading health information. HON is funded by the State of Geneva, several European projects, the French National Health Autority (HAS) and the Provisu foundation. HON is also supported by the Geneva Hospital since its inception.

Review Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Life Options Rehabilitation Program

Life Options is a program of research, research-based education, and outreach founded in 1993 to help people live long and live well with kidney disease. A national panel of doctors, researchers, patients, nurses, social workers, dietitians, and ESRD Network directors reviews all Life Options materials and helps guide research.

Review Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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National Council on Patient Information and Education

The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) founded in 1982, is a nonprofit coalition of government, consumer, business, patient advocacy and public health organizations whose mission it is to stimulate and improve communication of information on the appropriate use of medicines between healthcare professionals and consumers. NCPIE believes medication misuse is the nation's "other" drug problem. The Council was established to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas, to encourage member organizations to develop and launch medicine communication campaigns, and to develop other methods of educating and informing consumers on the safe and appropriate use of medicines. NCPIE sponsors the online, annual "Talk About Prescriptions" (TAP) Month each October.

Review Date: Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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National Hemophilia Foundation

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), founded 1948, serves hemophiliacs and their families through its local chapters. Patient services include support of comprehensive care centers, scholarships, patient education, blood drives, emergency financial assistance, and referrals. The NHF also provides research stipends, promotes public policies benefitting hemophiliacs, and sponsors public and professional education programs. NHF has promoted the concept of comprehensive hemophilia treatment programs and has obtained Federal funding for 20 such programs.

Review Date: Monday, August 25, 2008

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National Stroke Association

The National Stroke Association (NSA), founded in 1984, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating stroke survivors, families, health care professionals, and the general public about stroke. It seeks to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke through activities related to prevention, medical care, research, rehabilitation, and resocialization. NSA develops and distributes educational materials and a new full color magazine "Stroke Smart"; publishes a stroke journal; operates a national clearinghouse for information and referral; promotes research and disseminates research findings; advocates; develops workshops; provides guidance in developing stroke clubs and stroke support groups; operates a Stroke Center Network program to help professionals provide the best services to stroke patients; and offers a Clinical Trials Acceleration Program.

Review Date: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

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Partnership for Organ Donation

The Partnership for Organ Donation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving lives by closing the gap between the number of organ transplants that are possible and the number of organ transplants that actually occur. The Partnership fulfills its mission by: researching, developing and delivering state-of-the-art programs to educate and motivate health professionals and the public to fulfill their roles in solving the organ donor problem; providing leadership in focusing health care professionals, policy makers, and the public on the most relevant issues and actions that will contribute to solving the organ shortage; and fostering collaboration among key organizations and groups to share information, coordinate efforts, and effect lasting improvements in organ donation.

Review Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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The Myositis Association

The Myositis Association (TMA) is a non-profit organization committed to helping people affected by inflammatory myopathies through information, advocacy and support. TMA provides services to those diagnosed with: polymyositis (PM), dermatomyositis (DM), inclusion-body myositis (IBM), and juvenile myositis (JM). TMA programs for people with inflammatory myopathies (PM, DM, IBM and JM) include: mutual aid network; clearinghouse among patients, physicians and scientists; newsletters offering the latest information on research, treatments and health-related articles; electronic publications for health care professionals; and programs specific to the needs of the juvenile myositis community. Annual conference features world-renowned speakers. TMA has the world's largest database of myositis information for collaboration with their members and medical scientists. TMA funds grants and fellowships for myositis research.

Review Date: Wednesday, August 04, 2010

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University of Maryland Medical Center

The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), founded in 1823 as the Baltimore Infirmary, is one of the nation’s oldest academic medical centers. UMMC exists to serve the state and region as a tertiary/quaternary care center, to serve the local community with a full range of care options, to educate and train the next generation of health care providers, and to be a site for world-class clinical research.

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