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October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Collaborating Organizations

Photo: Three women taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of screening and the early detection of breast cancer.

About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point during her life. After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in women.

The good news? Many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early.

Make a difference! Spread the word about mammograms and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved.

How can National Breast Cancer Awareness Month make a difference?

We can use this opportunity to spread the word about important steps women can take to stay healthy.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Ask doctors and nurses to speak to women about the importance of getting screened for breast cancer.
  • Encourage women age 40 and older to talk with their doctors about when to start getting mammograms.
  • Talk with women ages 50 to 74 in your community about getting mammograms every 2 years.

How can I help spread the word?

We’ve made it easier for you to make a difference! This toolkit is full of ideas to help you take action today. For example:

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Get the Word Out

  Sample Tweets

Show you care. Send an e-card with breast cancer prevention and screening info to a loved one: http://1.usa.gov/XQUnj7

Q. What is a mammogram?
A. A mammogram is an x ray of the breast to check for breast cancer. Find out more: http://1.usa.gov/13uheVg.

Nervous about getting a mammogram? Watch this short video about mammograms and what to expect: http://1.usa.gov/fKtUB.

If breast or ovarian cancer runs in your family, talk with your doctor. More: http://1.usa.gov/XuC3NE.

Did you know? Breast cancer can occur in men. Over 2,000 men are diagnosed each year. More: http://1.usa.gov/HSlf4.

Worried about cost? Mammograms are covered for women over age 40 under the health care reform law. More: http://1.usa.gov/159zd67 .

  Web Badge

  • Add this free Web badge to your Web site, blog, or social networking profile to show your support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
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Get Involved

Take action to increase awareness about breast cancer and breast cancer screenings.

  1. Display posters about breast cancer screening in your organization’s break room.
  2. Ask health professionals from your local hospital or clinic to share information about mammograms and early detection with your employees or members.
  3. Post materials about breast cancer screening at a local health fair.
  4. Partner with local women’s organizations, community groups, and senior centers to reach women age 40 and older with important information on breast cancer screening.
  5. Host a breast cancer walk with your organization’s members.

Adapted from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Collaborating Organizations.
Contact the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Collaborating Organizations at nbcam@astrazeneca.com for more information and materials.

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