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Cómo evitar las picaduras de las “chinches de cama” (insectos que frecuentemente se encuentran en las camas)

Learn the basics about the bedbugs.

  • Bed bugs are small reddish brown insects that bite people to eat their blood. They can grow to the size of an apple seed.
  • Bedbugs travel from one place to another in luggage, clothing, boxes and used furniture. They can also move between apartments through small crevices.
  • Bed bugs only come out at night. But that does not cease to bite if you leave the light on.
  • Bed bugs can cause large itchy bumps some people. Meanwhile, other people do not have any reaction.
  • Bedbugs can live long without feeding.
  • Notifies the owner of your home or call a pest control company as find bedbugs in your home.

Use a flashlight to look for bed bugs in your home.

  • Check for bugs hiding in the mattress, box spring or bed frame. Be sure to look under and along the seams (edges) of the mattress.
  • Look for small red spots on the mattress. These spots can be a sign that there are bed bugs.
  • Looking at other furniture that are near the bed, and bedside tables

Check for bedbugs when traveling.

  • Place your luggage on a luggage rack (away from the wall) or in a dry bathtub. Do not put your luggage on the bed.
  • Follow the steps above to see if there are bugs where you are staying.
  • If you see signs of bedbugs, immediately called the front desk and tell your host.

Be careful with your luggage when you get home from a trip.

  • Keep your travel clothing separately from other laundry. Wash it in hot water immediately.
  • Vacuum your luggage to get rid of any bugs that may have gotten into your stuff. Take the vacuum outside to empty the contents into a plastic bag and seal well. Throw the bag in the dumpster outside.

Act immediately if you see a bug in your house.

  • Do not try to get rid of bed bugs yourself. You could make the problem worse by making the insect will spread to other rooms in your home.
  • Use clear tape to fix the bug in a piece of white paper. Show to an expert in pest control to make sure it is a bedbug.
  • Call a pest control company to review your home.

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