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The mission of the NIEHS is to reduce the burden of human illness and disability by understanding how the environment influences the development and progression of human disease. To have the greatestimpact on preventing disease and improving human health, the NIEHS focuses on basic science, disease-oriented research, global environmental health, and multidisciplinary training for researchers. The NIEHS achieves its mission through: Extramural research and training, funded by grants and contracts, to scientists, environmental health professionals, and other groups worldwide, Intramural research conducted by scientists at the NIEHS facility and in partnership with scientists at universities and hospitals, Toxicological testing and test validation by the National Toxicology Program, and Outreach and communications programs that provide reliable health information to the public and scientific resources to researchers.

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Reprints of NIEHS scientists' studies published in scientific journals, fact sheets on selected topics, and booklets and brochures are available. NIEHS is the headquarters agency for the National Toxicology Program. NTP Technical Reports, Toxicology Reports and the Report on Carcinogens, as well as Environmental Health Perspectives and EHP supplements on selected topics are available through the NIEHS website at

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