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The Center of Alcohol Studies (CAS), founded in the early 1940s, conducts research on alcohol, and other substance use/abuse, disseminates information, and engages in professional and public education. The Library acquires, organizes, and disseminates scientific and technical bibliographic and textual information on alcohol; and houses a major collection of books, periodicals, dissertations, and other materials pertaining to alcohol studies. The library is open to researchers, scholars, and students; it includes the Master Catalog of Alcohol Literature, which lists the world's scholarly literature on alcohol studies since the 15th century; the Classified Abstract Archives of the Alcohol Literature, which covers 1935-1976; the McCarthy Memorial Collection of alcohol research documents; and a collection of questionnaires, interview schedules, and survey forms used in research on drinking and alcoholism. The library's bibliographic database of over 70,000 citations to alcohol/drug research and educational literature is available online at

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CAS publications include technical and non-technical books, pamphlets, reprints, and fact sheets in alcohol studies. Serial publication: Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, bi-monthly--original research on alcohol and comprehensive reviews,

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Friday, Jan 16, 2009