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570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216
1-866-458-4948 (Voice - Toll-free)
601-576-7400 (Voice)
601-576-7667 (Voice)
601-576-7517 (FAX)


The Mississippi State Department of Health aims to assist every community in the state to achieve the best possible health status for its citizens. The agency carries out this mission through investing in the core functions of public health: assessing health status indicators of the state's population to document each community's health needs and conduct epidemiological and other studies of specific health problems; developing and promoting public health policy and supporting strategies that protect the state's citizens from unsanitary conditions related to the environment and that emphasize healthy lifestyles and the prevention of morbidity and mortality associated with disease and illness; and assuring access to essential health services. The State Department of Health includes four offices, in addition to the Office of the State Health Officer, 9 multi-county public health districts, and 82 county health departments.

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Publications available free of charge include a health information materials list; directories of child care centers, hearing aid dealers, youth camps, speech pathologists, audio-linguists, physical therapists, and technicians who enucleate eyes; and statistical reports. Serial publications: Vital Statistics Annual Report; Mississippi Morbidity Report, monthly; Mississippi State Department of Health Annual Report.

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