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The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is an association of more than 1,000 public and not-for-profit agencies devoted to improving life for more than 2.5 million at-risk children and youths and their families. Member agencies are involved with prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and they provide various services in addition to child protection -- kinship care, family foster care, adoption, positive youth development programs, residential group care, child care, family-centered practice, and programs for pregnant and parenting teenagers. Other concerns of member agencies include managed care, mental health, chemical dependency, housing and homelessness, and HIV/AIDS. For all these areas, CWLA has program experts who consult, train and otherwise assist agencies to advance their practice. CWLA is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by membership and consulting fees, publication sales, grants and contracts from federal and state governments, foundation and corporate grants, and individual contributions.

Print Resources

A large variety of informative material is available from the League covering such issues as adoption, day care, child development, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, family foster care, and general child welfare. A publications catalog is available on request. Serial publications: Washington Social Legislation Bulletin, semimonthly; Children's Voice (magazine), quarterly; Child Welfare (journal), 6 issues per year--information useful to child welfare professionals; Children's Monitor (newsletter), a public policy update, 10 issues per year.

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