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741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3594
1-800-BRA-ILLE (Voice - Toll-free)
323-663-1111 (Voice)
323-663-0687 (FAX)


The Braille Institute was founded in 1919 as the Universal Braille Press to provide services to the blind, which now includes production of more than 5 million Braille pages yearly, preschool services, supplemental academic programs for children, summer camps for children, a youth recreational center, low-priced consumer goods and visual aids, counseling, a career learning center, job placement, social activities, and instruction in basic living skills. Individualized programs developed for newly blind persons include training in orientation and mobility, Braille reading and writing, techniques of daily living, home management, and typing. The Institute's 1-800-BRAILLE line refers callers nationwide to organizations serving the blind in their areas as well as providing information on its services. Services are also provided for persons with low vision. The Institute's library circulates over 800,000 books (50,000 titles) in Braille as well as records and tapes. BIA has four satellite and 50 community centers in addition to its main facility. The Institute also conducts public information activities to increase public awareness of blindness and of the capabilities of blind persons. Direct services offered only in Southern California. No charge for services.

Print Resources

The Braille Institute publishes Braille books, tapes, Braille periodicals, and printed periodicals. Serial publications: The Librarian, quarterly--reviews books available; The Braille Mirror (magazine), monthly--published in Braille; Expectations (anthology), annual- in Braille for children; Braille Institute Light (magazine), annual--features articles on Braille Institute activities and serves as Annual Report; Braille Institute Scene (newsletter), quarterly--news stories on the Institute's services.

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