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250 El Camino Real, Suite 201
Tustin, CA 92780
1-888-572-2001 (Voice - Toll-free)
714-368-3689 (Voice)


Little People of America, Inc. will provide support and information to people of short stature, (dwarfism), and their families. Primary membership usually is offered to those people who are around 4’10” in height as an adult. LPA is a non-profit, member run organization founded in 1957. LPA will assist those who have a diagnosis of dwarfism with their physical and developmental concerns resulting from short stature. LPA offers information on employment, education, disability rights, adoption of short statured children, medical issues, clothing, adaptive devices and parenting tips. Information is provided through hundreds of dedicated volunteers throughout the U.S. as well as through a national newsletter “LPA Today,” chapter, and district newsletters. LPA also provides opportunities for social interaction at chapter, district, regional meetings, national conferences, and participation in athletic events. LPA, Inc. provides educational scholarships, medical assistance grants, access to our medical advisory board, and funds for publications and other projects.

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LPA publishes a national newsletter, district and chapter newsletters, a membership handbook, booklets on dwarfism, and booklets for parents. Serial publication: LPA Today (newsletter), 6 times per year--reports on LPA events and medical news.

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Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011