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42-40 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11361-2874
1-800-237-0717 (Voice - Toll-free)
718-224-2999 (Voice)
718-279-9596 (FAX)


The National Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) was established to support research into Tourette Syndrome and to provide educational materials relating to the disorder. It helps patients who have been undiagnosed and misdiagnosed by publicizing the symptomatology of the disease; publishes and distributes medical and nonmedical information via booklets and other media; and regularly schedules meetings of the membership to exchange information and learn about new developments.

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The Association publishes both technical reports providing information on current research and public relations, including professional and public educational films, materials aimed at providing information to persons having the disease and at educating the public about the manifestations and treatment of Tourette Syndrome. Educational materials directed to children are available also. Serial publication: Tourette Syndrome Association (newsletter), quarterly--membership news, abstracts of research, letters, and lists of doctors interested in Tourette Syndrome.

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Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009