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The National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States of America, (The YMCA of the USA), is actively involved in improving spiritual, mental, and physical health through its over 2,000 local member associations. YMCA fitness and health programs are based on preventive health care activities designed to head off heart disease, stroke, and other afflictions before they begin to develop. Prevention programs designed for people of all ages include fitness testing, aerobic conditioning, health education, individual and group fitness regimens, and weight management. Programs geared to children in kindergarten through grade nine combine exercise with educational activities which teach cardiovascular health concepts. Prevention programs for adults offer fitness assessment and development of individualized programs for exercise and conditioning. Intervention programs include a program designed to prevent back pain and educational and rehabilitation programs for cardiac patients. Certification programs are offered for health and fitness instructors. Local YMCAs publish flyers announcing their health and fitness programs.

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