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750 First Street, NE Suite 700
Washington, DC 20002-4241
1-800-638-8799 (Voice - Toll-free)
202-408-8600 (Voice)
202-336-8313 (FAX)


The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) was founded in 1955 as a professional organization for social workers from a merger of seven predecessor organizations. It promotes the professional growth and development of its members, establishes and maintains professional standards of practice, and advances sound social policies and legislation. Major areas of concern include social work services, employment and economic support, health and mental health, education, human and civil rights, and quality assurance. NASW is also dedicated to the elimination of racism, sexism, and poverty.

Print Resources

NASW publishes numerous books, booklets, and pamphlets on social work practice, including basic resource materials, reports of social service research, modular learning series, directories of social workers and social service agencies, and reprints of classic materials. Serial publications: Social Work (journal), bimonthly--theory, practice, and current issues in social work; Health & Social Work (journal), quarterly- health issues of professional concern to social workers; Social Work Research (journal), quarterly--original research reports; Social Work Abstracts (journal), quarterly--abstracts of previously published articles on social work are related fields; Social Work in Education (journal), quarterly; NASW News, monthly except August and December.

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Friday, Feb 12, 2010