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997 Glen Cove Avenue, Suite 5
Glen Head, NY 11545
1-800-451-6434 (Voice - Toll-free)
516-671-4055 (FAX)


The Human Growth Foundation (HGF) is a national organization of volunteers concerned with child growth abnormalities, specifically dwarfism of all forms, whether caused by pituitary growth hormone deficiencies, Turner's syndrome, or bone disorders. The Foundation, created in 1965 by parents of children with severe growth problems, offers parent education and mutual support, supports research, and promotes public awareness of the physical and emotional problems of short-statured people. The core of founding parents has since been joined by medical persons (endocrinologists, pediatricians, and physicians) and researchers. HGF acts as a clearinghouse for families with growth problems and administers a medical research program.

Print Resources

The Foundation publishes brochures on achondroplasia, Turner's syndrome, growth hormone deficiency, precocious puberty, chronic renal insufficiency, and intrauterine growth retardation; there is a fee for some items. A free copy of "Growing Children: A Patient's Guide" is available.

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Thursday, Aug 20, 2015