Pilot Dogs, Inc.

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625 West Town Street
Columbus, OH 43215
614-221-6367 (Voice)
614-221-1577 (FAX)


Pilot Dogs is a nonprofit organization founded in 1950 to train guide dogs and to teach blind persons to work with them. Dogs are trained individually for 3 to 4 months, then trained for another 4 weeks to work with their masters. Pilot Dogs operates a breeding program of German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Boxers, and Labrador Retrievers and raises them in private homes until they are ready for training. Pilot Dogs is supported entirely by charitable 501(c) 3 contributions; there is no charge for its services.

Print Resources

Pilot Dogs publishes a descriptive brochure and a flier entitled Fourteen Steps to Understanding Those Without Sight.

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Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015