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P.O. Box 5266
Kendall Park,, NJ 08824-5266
732-266-2634 (Voice)
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Wheelchair & Ambulatory Sports, USA (WASUSA) organizes and governs disabled sports in the United States. Its activities are managed by its Board of Directors, National Governing Bodies, and Sport Technical Committees which maintain rules on disabled athletics, records rule changes, maintains records, selects sites for national championship meets, sanctions meets, and promotes disabled sports. The organization believes in the positive psychological aspects of a rehabilitation program of competitive sports, and hopes that the media attention gained from sponsoring meets will serve to educate the public. WASUSA offers the following sports: archery, athletics, handcycling, shooting, swimming, table tennis, billiards, weightlifting and fencing. Membership is available for a fee.

Print Resources

WASUSA publishes the constitution, bylaws, and rules of the organization. Serial publication: WASUSA Newsletter, quarterly--news of the organization's activities. WASUSA disseminates this information through its website at www.wasusa.org.

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Tuesday, Jun 12, 2012