Alzheimer's Association

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225 N. Michigan Avenue 17th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-7633
1-800-272-3900 (Voice - Toll-free)
312-335-8700 (Voice)
1-866-699-1246 (FAX)
312-335-5886 (FAX)
1-866-403-3073 (TDD)


The Alzheimer's Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to heighten public awareness of this degenerative brain disorder, provide support for patients and their families, aid research efforts, and advocate for legislation that responds to the needs of patients and family members of Alzheimer's Disease. The network includes more than 100 chapters and 1,800 support groups across the country. The Alzheimer's Association also maintains a toll-free 24-hour information and referral telephone number which provides information packets and referral to the nearest Association chapter. The Green-Field Library provides standard library services.

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The Association distributes brochures and books on Alzheimer's disease. A catalog is available. Serial publication: The Alzheimer's Association Newsletter, quarterly--news on research and Association activities.

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Friday, Jan 02, 2009