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One East Wacker Drive, Suite 2810
Chicago, IL 60601-1905
1-800-361-8061 (Voice - Toll-free)
1-800-377-DYST(3978) (Voice - Toll-free)
312-755-0198 (Voice)
312-803-0138 (FAX)


The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is a tax exempt organization, incorporated in 1976, created to increase awareness and understanding of dystonia among doctors and researchers and to spark innovative exploratory research projects directed at finding the causes of dystonia and related disorders. These disorders are characterized by loss of voluntary control over body posture and movement. To date, the DMRF has supported over 400 dystonia specific research grants, totalling over $20 million. The DMRF supports workshops, doctor-patient education, and research grants. The Foundation has over 60 chapters and support groups located throughout the United States and Canada and can supply referrals for local treatment. The DMRF is supported by donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Foundation deals with all forms of dystonia.

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The Foundation distributes a video intended for both general and professional audiences. Serial publication: Dystonia (newsletter), quarterly--information on research, new projects, local chapters, and communication from patients and their families.

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Monday, Oct 05, 2015