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The Interstitial Cystitis Association of America (ICA) is a national nonprofit patient-driven organization acting as an informative and supportive agent to patients with interstitial cystitis (IC). The group also seeks to educate both the medical profession and the public about interstitial cystitis--once thought to be rare--which may affect millions of people in the United States. IC is a chronic condition of the bladder wall which frequently goes undiagnosed. Although the cause is unknown and no treatment is uniformly effective for everyone, many treatments are available and the vast majority of patients obtain relief. Symptoms include bladder pain, urinary urgency, day and night frequency (up to 60 times per day in some people), suprapubic (lower abdominal) or perineal (area between scrotum and anus in men, or vagina and anus in women) pain and pressure. Interstitial cystitis is most often found in women but can affect either gender. ICA supports research through its own Pilot Research Program. The ICA provides one-on-one support, via phone, mail or e-mail; and through the IC Question Corner on their Web site, where consumer questions are answered by trained IC staff.

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The ICA offers numerous brochures and fact sheets on interstitial cystitis, as well as book, news and journal reprints. Serial publications: ICA Update (newsletter), quarterly—information on treatment, research and coping strategies. Weekly emails of recent treatment, research, coping strategies, and other patient-oriented IC news is available on the ICA Web site, and may be sent via e-mail to those who request it.

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