Guardians of Hydrocephalus

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Research Foundation 2640 East 28 St.
Brooklyn, NY 11235
718-743-9650 (Voice)
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The Guardians of Hydrocephalus Research Foundation (GHRF) is a non-profit group dedicated to research into the cause and treatment of hydrocephalus. The Foundation operates a laboratory in the Department of Neurology at New York University Medical Center, in which information from clinical and research facilities is integrated to provide for better diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus, a frequently-occurring congenital disorder that can also occur shortly after birth. Hydrocephalus accounts for a large proportion of adult patients with a diagnosis of dementia.

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GHRF publishes a booklet on hydrocephalus. A videotape entitled, Hydrocephalus-A Neglected Disease, is available for sale. Serial publication: Newsletter, quarterly--research findings, special school and fundraising.

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Friday, Nov 21, 2008