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FSRG Outreach Department C/O: WVPTI 1701 Hamill Ave.
Clarksburg, WV 26301
1-800-281-1436 (Voice - Toll-free)
304-624-1436 (Voice)


FSRG has a number of resources available to families, patients, and others affected by Freeman-Sheldon (FSS) or Sheldon-Hall (SHS) syndromes, who are members of FSRG's Outreach Department. FSRG wants to have an involved membership and strives to provide responsive and relevant services to better help members. Some are research-related, meaning that the services are available only to those who enrol in research, and some services are not dependent upon enrolment in research. To become a member of the Outreach Department, you must complete an application, and FSRG must verify your status with the physician caring for the person with FSS or SHS. Diagnosis verification by FSRG is not required for membership.

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FSPSG Newsletter; Bibliography of the medical literature for Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome.

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Friday, Jun 24, 2011