Blind Childrens Center

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4120 Marathon Street
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3584
323-664-2153 (Voice)
323-665-3828 (FAX)


The Blind Childrens Center is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1938. The Center provides diversified services to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted children, ages birth through five, their parents, and siblings. Services include infant stimulation programs, preschool programs, psychological support services, multi-handicapped programs, and an information and referral service, which includes a toll-free number.

Print Resources

Four publications are available in both English and Spanish: Talk to Me I, Talk to Me II, Heart to Heart, and Move With Me. Other publications: Dancing Cheek to Cheek; First Steps; Learning to Play; Reaching, Crawling, Walking; and Starting Points and Father's: A Common Concern. Two videos are available: Heart to Heart, and Let's Eat.

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Thursday, Jan 08, 2009