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10945 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 216
Cincinnati,, OH 45242
513-793-6834 (Voice)


Established in 1985, the mission of the National Vitiligo Foundation, Inc. is to increase awareness and concern for vitiligo patients among the general public and the medical community. The Foundation supports scientific and clinical research on vitiligo, answers questions and distributes information pamphlets from the general public on vitiligo, makes referrals to physicians and to other families with vitiligo, and advises patients on cosmetics, sunscreens, and other products for use by those with vitiligo. The Foundation is devoted to finding new treatments, and ultimately, a cure for vitiligo. Resources include chapters, support groups, advocacy and awareness campaigns.

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The Foundation distributes pamphlets on vitiligo, a Handbook for Schools, and a Handbook for Patients. Serial publication: Semi-annual newsletter

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Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015