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P.O. Box 66884
Chicago, IL 60666
1-800-942-6825 (Voice - Toll-free)


Neurofibromatosis, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that provides individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF) and related disorders with information on the disorder, referrals to physicians and other service providers, and peer counseling. A 24-hour message line is available, with service is extended through the weekend with the help of volunteer staff. NF, Inc. maintains a database of resources on the care of the condition; sponsors seminars and workshops; and provides books, pamphlets, posters, and other related materials. The Chris Hollis campership Fund awards scholarships to young people with NF to attend a summer camp. NF, Inc. also promotes and supports research in neurofibromatosis and related conditions. The organization names an NF, Inc. Scholar each year to assist in educating the professional community about NF.

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The organization provides books, pamphlets, posters, and other related materials--some of which are available in Spanish. Serial publication: Neurofibromatosis Ink (newsletter).

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Friday, Apr 29, 2011