Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Network, Inc.

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P.O. Box 520
Ledyard, CT 06339


The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Network is a not-for- profit, voluntary health agency dedicated to (1) eliminate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome through the support of SIDS research projects; (2) provide support for those who have been touched by the tragedy of SIDS, and; (3) raise public awareness of SIDS through education. The Network provides counseling and support services in local communities and neighborhoods including support group meetings for SIDS families, crisis intervention, emergency room visits for SIDS parents and telephone counseling to providing individuals with up-to-date information about the medical facts surrounding SIDS. National and international services center around the SIDS Network's SIDS Information World Wide Web Site. The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Extension of the SIDS Network has been added because of the importance and many similarities of pregnancy and infant loss and SIDS issues.

Print Resources

Books, pamphlets, newsletters, posters; some basic SIDS Risk Reduction information in 18 languages.

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Friday, Jun 18, 2010