MUMS National Parent-to-Parent Network, Mothers United for Moral Support, Inc.

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150 Custer Court
Green Bay, WI 54301-1243
1-877-336-5333 (Voice - Toll-free)
920-336-5333 (Voice)
920-339-0995 (FAX)


MUMS is a national Parent-to-Parent organization for parents or care providers of a child with any disability, rare disorder, chromosomal abnormality or health condition. MUMS' mission to provide support to parents in the form of a networking system that matches them with other parents whose children have the same or similar condition. Through a database of over 19,000 families from 54 countries, covering over 3200 disorders, very rare syndromes or undiagnosed conditions can be matched. Parents can then exchange valuable medical information, as well as, the names of doctors, clinics and medical resources or research programs. Families provide each other with emotional support; they don't feel so alone when they have each other to reach out to in time of need. MUMS networks with other organizations that do matching, thus expanding the possibilities of finding a match. MUMS also connects parents with support groups dealing with their child's specific disability or assists them in forming a group.

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Quarterly newsletters allow families to share and speak out about issues affecting their lives. (Annual subscription: $15 for Parents, $25 for professionals./Matching service is $5.00.) If people cannot afford the subscription fee newsletters and matching will be provided free of charge. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain Damage Packet (over 300 pages) is $25 for USA & $35 for other countries (includes postage and shipping priority mail) Visa and Mastercard accepted. For an updated list of HBO providers: Visit for information on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and testimonials.

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