Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

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1140 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 200
Washington, D.C., DC 20036
1-888-499-HOPE (Voice - Toll-free)
202-296-9165 (Voice)
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The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation seeks to prevent pediatric HIV infection and to eradicate pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs. Foundation-supported research efforts around the world seek to improve the prevention, care, and treatment of pediatric HIV infection, train international research leaders to respond to the virus in children, and pursue the development of a pediatric HIV vaccine. The Foundation works with partners to provide accessible prevention, care, and treatment services for children, women, and families; researching and identifying better technologies and interventions for those in need; and documenting models that can be replicated throughout the world. The foundation is a global nonprofit organization with a global staff of nearly 1,300, more than 90 percent of whom are in the field.

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Annual Reports, brochures, journal articles, fact sheets, books, conference presentations, technical bulletins, and other publications published by the Foundation and/or written by Foundation staff members are available at http://www.pedaids.org/Publications

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011