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The International Brain Injury Association was founded by George A. Zitnay, PhD and Martin B. Foil, Jr. following an international meeting on brain injury held at Oxford University in April of 1993. The formation of IBIA came as a recommendation by the group assembled in Oxford, that a need existed for an international organization that worked with professionals and families from a multidisciplinary approach. IBIA was established to encourage international exchange of information, to support research, to provide training especially in developing countries and to advocate for brain injury. One of the approaches taken by IBIA was the creation of the “World Congress on Brain Injury”.

Print Resources

IBIA publishes the International NeuroTrauma Letter, a quarterly newsletter available at no charge. This newsletter includes abstracts dealing with spinal cord injury or brain injury research, clinical treatment and/or controversies, interviews, and information regarding meetings that have international appeal. Brain Injury, a journal, is offered to IBIA's professional membership. The journal, published 12 times per year, covers aspects of brain injury ranging from basic sciences to quality of life issues.

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Friday, Dec 02, 2011