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The Sidran Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people who have experienced traumatic life events. The Institute provides education and advocacy related to traumatic stress. The organization’s programs and activities focus on (1) the early recognition and treatment of trauma-related stress in children to promote healthy growth and development; (2) the understanding and treatment of adults suffering from traumatic stress to promote psychological health and recovery; and (3) the promotion of trauma-informed systems of care in agencies providing mental health, counseling, substance abuse, or rehabilitative services to improve care and outcomes. Sidran Education and Training Services, a program, provide conference speakers, consultation, and technical assistance on all aspects of traumatic stress, including public education workshops on understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the psychological outcomes of severe childhood trauma for a variety of audiences. The Institute provides resources for survivors through the Trauma Resource Specialists Center, which helps victims find a therapist, reading matter, and other resources to aid progress toward recovery.

Print Resources

The Sidran Institute publishes educational materials and books on traumatic stress and dissociative conditions for various audiences, including students. Sidran maintains an online bookshelf, which provides an annotated catalog of clinical, educational, and survivor-supportive literature on dissociative disorders and related subjects.

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Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013