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9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892
301-496-4000 (Voice)
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The Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL) is responsible for communicating information on NIH programs and activities to the public, the media, the scientific and medical communities, and public advocacy groups. OCPL leads the effort to communicate information about NIH programs, issues and accomplishments to the public, the media, public interest groups, and the scientific and medical communities. OCPL manages the principal Web site for NIH and produces a variety of original communication products tailored for different external audiences. OCPL also coordinates the NIH "Clear Communication: An NIH Health Literacy Initiative," an example of a trans-agency program that offers materials and resources for professionals to use in reaching individuals with literacy challenges or those with disabilities and disorders that serve to create obstacles to communication.

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The Public Information Office (PIO) communicates cross-cutting NIH programs, including those that involve medical research policy or span multiple disease categories. The PIO oversees the central news and media operations for NIH and produces and distributes a number of information items that together showcase NIH. Communication products include print, radio and electronic materials; the NIH Web site; internal publications, such as the NIH Record; and Spanish-language programs, including information online at

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Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011