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P. O. Box 42197
Cincinnati, OH 45242
1-888-454-3383 (Voice - Toll-free)


Save Babies Through Screening Foundation is a national non-profit organization striving to provide information on newborn screening to parents and the medical community. Its mission is to improve the lives of babies by working to prevent disabilities and early death resulting from disorders detectable through newborn screening. The Foundation works to educate parents and professionals about newborn screening and disorders, which can be detected through currently available newborn screening programs. The Foundation supports, assists, and advocates for disorders that are detectable through filter paper newborn screening; are unlikely to be clinically diagnosed without screening; and cause mental retardation, physical disability and/or death in childhood when left untreated.

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The Foundation provides newborn screening related resources, including answers to frequently asked questions, a parent’s guide, and information on benefits of comprehensive screening and problems in newborn screening.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011