Washington State Department of Health

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PO Box 47905
Olympia, WA 98504-7905
1-800-525-0127 (Voice - Toll-free)
360-236-4010 (Voice)
360-586-7424 (FAX)
711 (TTY)


The Washington State Department of Health has responsibility for the administration of public health programs for Washington. The following community-based programs and services are funded or provided: communicable and chronic disease epidemiology; vital records; AIDS education, testing, and surveillance; primary care; laboratory services; radiation protection; adult dental services;immunization programs; venereal diseases programs and services; tuberculosis programs and services; environmental services; emergency medical services programs; health education; birth defects detection and counseling services; diabetes services; and hypertension programs. The Division's responsibilities include the regulation of hospitals and health facilities. Basic and refresher training programs for emergency medical technicians and paramedics are offered.

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The Division of Health publishes some prevention-oriented health education materials and brochures about its programs. Serial publication: Morbidity Report--epidemiologic reports of disease activity in the State.

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Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016