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4905 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-951-4444 (Voice)
301-951-0078 (FAX)


The Low Vision Center (LVC), is a nonprofit organization that provides up-to-date information about eye diseases; programs about low vision for interested groups; referrals to other agencies in related fields; and support and information to families, friends, and the general public. LVC has a hands-on display of visual aids that includes magnifiers, closed circuit TV's, writing materials, reading aids, sunglasses, lighting, kitchen aids, and household aids; advises clients on how to select the aids and where to purchase them. LVC also sells a select group of low vision aids. Appointment required. There is no fee.

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LVC provides a newsletter and booklet on coping with low vision and local community resources.

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Thursday, Aug 07, 2014