North Dakota Department of Health

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600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200
701-328-2372 (Voice)
701-328-4727 (FAX)


The primary goal of the North Dakota Department of Health is to ensure that the state is a healthy place to live and that each person has an equal opportunity to enjoy good health. The Department is composed of six sections. The Health Resources Section is divided into the divisions of Emergency Medical Services, Health Facilities and Food and Lodging. The Medical Services Section consists of Division of Disease Control and Microbiology as well as the state forensic examiner and the field medical officers. The Community Health Section includes the divisions of Family Health, Injury Prevention and Control, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Cancer Prevention and Control, Chronic Disease, and Tobacco Prevention and Control. The Environmental Health Section consists of Chemistry, Air Quality, Municipal Facilities, Waste Management, and Water Quality. Other sections Administrative Support and Emergency Preparedness and Response.

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Over 300 films and videotapes are available to North Dakota residents from the Division of Health Promotion. A variety of publications and reports are available from the individual sections of the department.

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