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The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, formed in 1978, is a national membership organization that represents grassroots organizations and individuals working to assist and empower battered women and their children. NCADV programs support and involve battered women of all social, racial, ethnic, religous and economic groups, ages, and lifestyles. Current projects address financial education for victims of domestic violence and cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery to repair damage done during an assault by an intimate partner or spouse.The organization advocates to improve legislation and public policy which affect battered women and their children. Issues of focus include funding for programs, and housing and shelter eligibility. NCADV also promotes the development of programs that meet the special needs of battered women. NCADV sponsors national conferences to provide a forum for the exchange of program information and action plans. NCADV is also the creator of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, observed in October. NCADV produces and distributes fact sheets, posters, videocassettes and newsletters. There are fees for most products. General information packets are provided at no cost.

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Fact sheets, posters, videocassettes, National Directory of Domestic Violence Programs. Serial Publications: NCADV Update, VOICE - published three times a year.

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