Parkinson's Disease

NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - NINDS

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) was originally established in 1950. The NINDS conducts and supports research and research training on the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders and stroke. The Institute awards grants for research projects, program projects, and center grants; provides training support to institutions and fellowships to individuals in the fields of neurological disorders and stroke; conducts intramural and collaborative research; and collects and disseminates research information. Requests for information should be directed to the Office of Communications and Public Liaison.

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American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc.

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) was established in 1961 to provide information about the various services available to patients with Parkinson's disease and to make funds available for research in new drug therapies and to find a cure. The Association maintains 63 information and referral centers. The centers also provide educational booklets and information concerning health services in their areas, the availability of physicians experienced with the disease, and updated information on new medications. The Association awards fellowships that fund the work of medical researchers. APDA's support is dependent on contributions. APDA has 58 fundraising chapters and over 800 support groups nationwide. Additional resources include: 1) APDA National Resource for Rehabilitation; tel. 888-606-1688; e-mail This program provides access to a licensed physical therapist at Boston University’s Sargent College for questions about exercise, information about programs in the caller’s area, and educational materials. 2) APDA National Veteran’s Information & Referral Center; tel. 888-328-1715; e-mail This center serves as a centralized resource dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of veterans with Parkinson’s disease and their families.

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Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation

The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation (BSDPF) is a nonprofit organization established to find better treatments and cures for the movement disorders dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. The goals of BSDPF are to (1) raise funds to support advanced medical research of Dystonia and Parkinson's disease, (2) educate patients and the medical community about the most recent advances in treatment and research, and (3) increase awareness of Dystonia and Parkinson's disease among the general public and the medical community. BSDPF supports research and provides treatment. BSDPF also promotes patient and medical education by providing annual patient symposia focus on Dystonia and Parkinson’s diseases.

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National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.

For over half a century, the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) has focused on meeting the needs in the care and treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Since 1982, NPF has funded more than $155 million in care, research and support services. NPF’s mission is to improve the quality of care through research, education and outreach.

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Parkinson's Disease Foundation- (PDF)

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF), founded in 1957, is a leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research, patient education and public advocacy. PDF is working for the nearly one million people in the US living with Parkinson’s by funding promising scientific research and supporting people with Parkinson’s, their families and caregivers through educational programs and support services.

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Parkinson's Resource Organization

Established in 1990, the Parkinson's Resource Organization is a non-profit organization working so that no one is isolated because of Parkinson's offering Hope, Encouragement, Support, Education and Inspiration. PRO offers an interactive website with a growing and evolving on-line RESOURCE DIRECTORY comparable to none other. Additionally it offers information and referrals about Parkinson's disease, provides education, respite care, and emotional comfort to families of people with Parkinson's. The organization provides these services through a network of support groups, the interactive website, information and referral, and a monthly newsletter which can be found on-line on the PRO website. Parkinson's Resource Organization depends on donations from the public. PRO also offers a Wellness Village, one of the most comprehensive resources for finding professional assistance at any stage of the Parkinson’s journey. All professionals listed are interviewed and evaluated for their expertise, interest and passion for Parkinson’s patients and the movement disorder field. Visit the Wellness Village at:

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