Prevent Bullying: Quick tips for parents

Bullying is when a child tries to hurt another child physically or emotionally. Kids who bully use their power (like being popular or physically strong) to control or hurt others.  

There are different kinds of bullying. Bullying can be:

Bullying can be done in person, online, or with other technology (like cell phones). Bullying usually happens over and over again. 

Talk with your child about bullying – even if you don't see signs of a problem.

Teach your child that bullying is wrong.

Tell your child why you are concerned about bullying.

Play the “what if” game with your child.

Try asking your child questions, like “What would you do if:

Thinking through the answers to questions like these can help children be more prepared to handle difficult situations.  

Look for the warning signs of bullying.

Talk with your child about what’s going on at school. Your child might be being bullied if he or she:

Your child might be bullying other children if he or she:

Speak up if you see signs of bullying.

Help your child learn kindness and respect.

Learn more about bullying.

Talk to other parents and your child’s school to find out how to handle bullying.
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