Get Your Well-Woman Visit Every Year

The Basics
Well-woman visits include a full checkup, separate from any other visit for sickness or injury. These visits focus on preventive care for women.

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Make a list of questions for your doctor or nurse.

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The Basics

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Schedule a well-woman visit with your doctor or nurse every year. The well-woman visit is an important way to help you stay healthy.

Well-woman visits include a full checkup, separate from any other visit for sickness or injury. These visits focus on preventive care for women, which may include:

What happens during a well-woman visit?

Your well-woman visit is a chance to focus on your overall health and wellness. There are 3 main goals for the visit:

  1. Documenting your health habits and history
  2. Getting a physical exam
  3. Setting health goals

1. Health habits and history

Before your physical exam, the doctor or nurse will ask you to answer some questions about your overall health. These questions may cover topics like your:

2. Physical exam

The doctor or nurse will examine your body, which may include:

3. Health goals

You and the doctor or nurse will talk about the next steps for helping you stay healthy. Together, you can decide which screenings or follow-up services are right for you.

If you have health goals, like losing weight or quitting smoking, you and your doctor or nurse can make a plan to help you meet these goals.

Take Action!

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Take these steps to get the most out of your well-woman visit.

Know your family health history.

Your family's health history is an important part of your personal health record.  Use this family health history tool to keep track of conditions that run in your family.

Be prepared to tell your doctor or nurse this information during your well-woman visit. Don't forget to share any new health problems in your family since your last visit.

Make a list of questions for your doctor.

This visit is a great time to ask the doctor or nurse any questions about:

Some important questions include:

Take a notepad or smart phone and write down the answers so you remember them later.

Talk with your doctor or nurse about which screenings you need.

Getting screening tests is one of the most important things you can do for your health. At your well-woman visit, the doctor or nurse may recommend screening you for:

In addition to screenings, the doctor may sometimes recommend counseling for:

Use the myhealthfinder tool to find out which screening tests you may need.

What about cost?

Under the Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law passed in 2010, most insurance plans now cover at least one well-woman visit per year at no cost to you. Plans must also cover some screenings and types of counseling.

For more information about preventive services covered by the Affordable Care Act,  visit Contact your insurance provider to find out what’s covered by your plan.

Follow up with the doctor or nurse after your visit.

During your well-woman visit, the doctor or nurse may recommend that you see a specialist or get certain screenings. Try to schedule these follow-up appointments before you leave the doctor’s office.

If that’s not possible, make a note on your calendar to schedule your follow-up appointments. You can ask the doctor's office to write down the phone number and address for you.

Get more tips on taking an active role in your health care.

Take steps to stay healthy all year.

There are things you can do every day to stay healthy. Find tips on:

Start Today: Small Steps

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