U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

healthfinder.gov Quality Checkup

The healthfinder.gov quality guidelines were created by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) to help people judge whether online health information is useful and reliable.

See the checklist below to learn how the healthfinder.gov website measures up to our own quality guidelines!

Website Reliability Guidelines

The names of the site developers, sponsors, partners, and funding sources are clearly noted.

The purpose of the site and its intended audiences are clearly stated.

  • About Us and Quality Guidelines state the purpose of healthfinder.gov.
  • healthfinder.gov offers free public access to reliable consumer health information.

“Advertisement” labels clearly identify and separate ads from health information.

The information is reliable and current.

  • healthfinder.gov is managed by ODPHP under the guidance of the healthfinder.gov Steering Committee, expert advisors committed to offering quality online health information.
  • Health Topics Sources lists the original sources and expert reviewers of content developed for Health Topics A to Z. Each health topic is reviewed and updated at least once a year.
  • View a complete list of the more than 1,600 organizations whose content is featured on healthfinder.gov. We review these listings on a regular basis to be sure they meet our quality guidelines.
  • About Us provides a link to healthfinder.gov’s HONcode review.
  • healthfinder.gov is updated on a regular basis and date stamps are located at the bottom of every web page.

The site protects users’ personal information.

  • healthfinder.gov’s Privacy Policy explains how we collect and protect personal information.

The site is well maintained.

  • Contact Us invites you to email or mail us with your comments and questions.
  • healthfinder.gov offers the latest health news online and by email, plus a monthly newsletter with health tips and updates on new healthfinder.gov features.
  • All Health Topics A to Z are reviewed and updated at least once per year.
  • Links on and off the site are routinely checked and corrected if broken. Selected resources sponsored by outside organizations are reviewed within a 24-month period.
  • The healthfinder.gov Steering Committee meets regularly to make sure healthfinder.gov is accurate and up-to-date.

The site offers disclaimers and a linking policy.

  • Our disclaimers explain that healthfinder.gov is an information and referral service only and is not meant to take the place of health care or services you may need.
  • Usability Guidelines

    The site is easy to find and use.

    • healthfinder.gov was tested with web users and redesigned so it is easy to understand and navigate. The Health Topics A to Z received a ClearMark Award for its easy-to-read resources and well-organized design.
    • healthfinder.gov is committed to making its website accessible to the widest possible audience, including individuals with disabilities.

    The site is evaluated for customer satisfaction and usability.

    • healthfinder.gov is continually tested and revised to make the site more useful for its visitors. Website Feedback lets you to tell us how we’re doing.

Email questions about our Quality Guidelines to healthfinder@hhs.gov.

Disclaimer — healthfinder.gov is an information and referral service only. We do not give out medical advice or recommend health care products or services. Also, healthfinder.gov does not control the content of the websites or organizations listed on healthfinder.gov.