Social Media

Social media help people and organizations create, organize, edit, and share information. At, we currently use Facebook, Twitter, web badges, and widgets as part of our social media toolbox.

Learn more about social media. on Facebook’s Facebook community can help you and your loved ones reach your health goals. Each week, we post the Be Healthy Your Way Challenge and offer quick tips and tools for healthier living. Join the community – share your experiences and get ideas from other members. Together, we’re learning how to live well.

. on Twitter uses its @healthfinder Twitter handle to post tips and information on prevention and wellness topics, and to recognize national health observances. We also participate in Twitter chats and town halls. A Twitter chat (also referred to as a Twitter town hall) is when a group of people and organizations come together to share ideas and insights in response to specific questions.


Want to host your own Twitter chat?

We’ve created a how-to guide on hosting a Twitter chat based on the lessons we’ve learned from @healthfinder. The guide includes tips on choosing a chat topic, creating a moderator’s guide, and promoting the chat to other Twitter users.

Download the guide to hosting a Twitter chat [PDF - 148KB]. Web Badges

We offer web badges to promote specific health observances as part of our National Health Observances Toolkits. A web badge is an icon you can add to your website or blog.

National health observances (NHOs) are special days, weeks, or months devoted to raising awareness of important health topics. Examples include World AIDS Day and American Heart Month. features at least one health observance each month.

NHO toolkits provide information on how to engage and mobilize people in your community to help with public health promotion efforts. In addition to web badges, the toolkits include suggestions for holding events and using social media to spread the word about national health observances.

View national health observance web badges. Widgets has several health widgets that you can add to your website or blog.

The myhealthfinder widget lets visitors to your website enter their age, sex, and pregnancy status to get personalized recommendations for clinical preventive services.

The Quick Tips to Prevent Infections widget lets viewers watch a short video about how to help protect a loved one from infection at the hospital.

The Be Active Your Way widget is a quick quiz with results that provide tips and recommendations on physical activity.

View health widgets.