Minority Health

National Council of La Raza

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization established in 1968 to reduce poverty and discrimination and improve life opportunities for Hispanic Americans. NCLR strives to fulfill its mission through programs in five primary areas: health; education; housing and community development; economic mobility; and media/image. NCLR has 5 regional offices and works with 277 affiliates who serve 40 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. NCLR represents the largest network of Hispanic-serving community-based organizations in the nation. NCLR's Institute for Hispanic Health (IHH) has as its vision statement "to improve the health and well-being of Hispanics." Its mission is to be dedicated to reducing the incidence, burden, and impact of health problems in the Hispanic community. The Institute works in close partnership with NCLR affiliates, government agencies, private donors, and other Hispanic-servicing organizations to deliver quality health interventions. These interventions focus on improving access to and utilization of health promotion and disease prevention programs. IHH is committed to providing technical assistance and science-based approaches that are culturally competent and linguistically appropriate.

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National Minority AIDS Council

The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), established in 1987, is the premier national organization dedicated to developing leadership within communities of color to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

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National Optometric Association

The recruitment of minority students for the schools and colleges of optometry and their placement into appropriate practice settings upon graduation are two basic concerns of the National Optometric Association. Coincident with these concerns is the underlying purpose of the NOA -- the delivery of effective and efficient eye and vision care services to the minority community.

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Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention

The major focus of the Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention (RCAP) is the promotion of HIV/STD prevention in rural America, with the goal of reducing HIV/STD incidence. The RCAP develops and evaluates educational materials and approaches, examines the behavioral and social barriers to HIV/STD prevention which can be applied to prevention programming, and provides prevention resources to professionals and the public. The Center, which began operations in 1994, is headquartered at Indiana University and is a joint project of Indiana University, Purdue University, and Texas A&M University.

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