Healthy Eating: Conversation starters

Healthy Eating: Conversation starters

Sometimes a family member or friend needs encouragement to make a healthy change. Try these tips to start a conversation about eating healthy.

Say why eating healthy is important.

  • “Your health is important to me. I care about you and want you to live a healthy life.”
  • “A healthy diet can help protect you from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, bone loss, and some types of cancer.” 

Talk about small steps.

  • “Little changes – like drinking water instead of soda, and eating more vegetables and fruits – can make a difference in your health.”
  • "How about replacing regular cheese with low-fat cheese in your favorite recipes?"
  • "Try eating fresh fruit – or fruit canned in 100% juice – for dessert instead of sweets."

Take the lead. Do it together.  

  • “There are simple things we can do, like having oatmeal or whole-grain cereal for breakfast.”
  • “Let’s go grocery shopping together for healthy foods.”
  • “Let’s try to cook and enjoy a healthy meal together at least twice a week.”
  • “Let’s try eating at least 2 vegetables with dinner.”
  • “Next time we go out to eat, let’s share a meal. Or we can each order our own, but only eat half – we’ll save the other half for lunch the next day.”

Offer to help.

  • “How can I help you eat healthy?”
  • “What is the hardest thing about eating healthy? What can I do to support you?”

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